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    Extensions 101

    Extensions 101

    Hair extensions do not just add to your fashion statement they enhance your looks. If you have short hair and are longing to have a look with long hair, you can have long hair in an instant by weaving extensions to your hair roots. Additionally you can add color to your hairs with highlight extensions. Some instant curls for the fresh party look or wavy hair can add style to your overall look and enhance your beauty.

    When you want to look special without having much time to spend in saloons, hair extensions work like magic. These add to your overall persona and even you can add layers to your own natural hair with help of the extensions thus achieving a different look without chopping your locks.

    Some girls and women are really not aware of the basic qualities of best hair end up with buying poor quality ones. They do not know about the technique of choosing the right extensions from the wide range available. Even though all the extensions serve the same purpose but the way they appear with your natural locks is very important to consider. You cannot pick just any other extensions available on website or provided by your stylist's dealer, you need to research about the product you are buying.

    You need to concentrate on the fine quality and the other important things that should be considered are summarized below – 

    Human hair: You should never settle for anything lesser than real human hair. These can make your hairstyle more appealing, which is not possible with the synthetic or animal hair. In case you are getting short of budget, choose other types but make sure that you are not allergic from them.

    Lustrous: The hair extensions should not be dull but they should also not be too shiny the adequate balance is necessary. Some of the retailers use artificial glazing chemicals to give shine to the extensions. Strictly avoid them. Look for the natural shine one in them.

    Soft: The hair extensions must have a natural softness suiting your real hair. If they don’t have, they can cause you allergies or irritation due to rough texture. If it is human hair, you can use leave in conditioner and frizz control spray to keep them soft for long time.

    Easy to install: Installation of hair extension should be at maximum ease. Always try to buy hair extensions in wefts since they are ready to install. You will not have to get them prepped before installing.
    You must consider all these points in order to get the best deal in concern with hair extensions.